The illegal things people do in order to become `legal`

Fake marriages, passport swaps, adoption, scam contracts, sugar mammas and internet relationships. Get your asylum-seeker status, 6-month card, 5-year card or even Belgian nationality and passport. STAR BOY PRODUCTIONS is going to help you to stay in the country and eventually get on top. Using their combined years of experience, Junior, Aloys and Lateef are going to help you to make a better future for yourself.

In Star Boy Productions, 3 African migrants invite an audience into their world of clandestine survival tactics, explaining the lengths one can and must go to in order to remain in Europe. Star Boy Productions attempts to examine the psyche of African migrants in Europe attempting to create a better future for themselves.

Created by | Etuwe Bright Junior, Lateef Babatunde, Aloys Kwaakum, Ahilan Ratnamohan & Kristof Persyn
Co-production | Monty & CC Luchtbal

2-min trailer
full show (65-minutes)

De Morgen - Tips and Tricks for a Better Life [NL]
Star Boys leren te integreren
Star Boy Productions – Ahilan Ratnamohan & Star Boy Collective

26/27 Sep, 2014 - Monty, Antwerp
2 Oct, 2014 - De Centrale, Ghent
21/22 Jan, 2015 - Frascati, Amsterdam
17/18 April, 2015 - Ehemalige Stummfilmkino, Berlin
4 June, 2015 - Wildwuchs Festival, Basel
11/12 September, 2015 - Africa Utopia Festival, Southbank Centre, London

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