Reverse Colonialism! is an intimate spectacle in which two migrants, from Cameroon and Nigeria, ask a European audience to help them imagine a new future for Europe and for Africa. Through their surreal mix of game-show, parliamentary vote and plan unveiling the two performers, Aloys Kwaakum and Etuwe Bright Junior, voice their often-unheard opinions about European migration politics. Through this high-energy vote the audience hears how Africans experience their integration into Europe. Their unorthodox conclusion is that it will be better, for Europe so well as Africa, if the migrants return. Using the concept of Liberia, the country created for ex-slaves from America, Aloys and Junior formulate their plan for a return; a new country in the heart of Africa where all former migrants from Europe can return to in order to combine their learned expertise for the betterment of Africa. Their visionary ideas are theatrically grounded with personal insight into the European-African politic, promotional videos for African Europeans and ‘de-motivational’ videos for Africa. They tackle the difficult re-integration of Africans following a European adventure and the problematic brain drain stagnating the development of Africa.

Director | Ahilan Ratnamohan
Dramaturg | Kristof Persyn
Performer-Devisors | Aloys Kwaakum, Etuwe Bright Junior, Lateef Babatunde, John Obi Agbo
Technical Director | Fred Rodrigues
Producers | Anais Gabaut, Ahilan Ratnamohan Co-production | Monty Kultuurfaktorij, Sens Interdits Festival


28/29 January 2016 - Monty Kultuurfaktorij WORK-IN-PROGRESS
1/2 July 2016 - LIFT/Battersea Arts Centre WORK-IN-PROGRESS

21-23 April 2017 - Monty Kultuurfaktorij PREMIERE
26/27 October 2017 - Sens Interdits Festival, Lyon

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