On a construction site, 7 dark-skinned men keep vigil. All communication between the group happens with hands covering mouths. Their spatial configuration is meticulously monitored, as if adhering to some greater structure. The men are slight and slender, of different backgrounds, Sri Lankan, Nepalese, Omani, Bangladeshi. Underlaid with driving eastern drums and sinister flutes the audience hears recorded recounts of migrant workers returned from Qatar. Crowded sleeping quarters, insane temperatures and passed out co-workers form the basis of their tales. In the space, they begin to move, as if playing shadow football; powerful swings of the leg, their bodies articulated in angles, turning, sprinting, feinting and accelerating. There is no ball. They are building an event which they could never dream of participating in. At times they move in unison, whereas it often feels like everyone inhabits their own world.

Concept/Direction | Ahilan Ratnamohan
Sound Design | DJ Mutamassik
Audio Script Director | Roslyn Oades

Co-Production | LIFT (UK), Monty Kultuurfaktorij (BE), Kilowatt Festival (IT), Tanec Praha (CZ)


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