Under the orange glow of a gas-lamp lit court, two streetfootballers undertake an unrelenting, hypnotic choreography. The flashy, reactive nature of the moves which form their repertoire are distilled into something more poetic and rhythmic through the players unison and the deep, almost intuitive, connection they share. The moves, which are often performed either in the heat of competition, as a way of winning or as flashy tricks used to show off, become rituals and transport the audience to abstract places that the game of football would never dare to.

Director/Performer/Devisor | Ahilan Ratnamohan
Performers/Devisors | Feras Shaheen
Production | Campbelltown Arts Centre (AU)
Partners | Mestizo WIP COOP (BE), Ontmoetingscentrum Luchtbal (BE)

KLAPPING has been supported by ArtsNSW.


Creative Development 1 is scheduled for 9 - 27 October in Antwerp. On the 16th or 17th a work-in-progress showing will be presented as part of Mestizo WIP COOP.

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