11 young, experienced footballers' feet pound the tarkett. Their relentless footsteps and breathing provide the only soundtrack. They align in different constellations and formations. Their steps start out simple but gradually get more and more complicated as the -2 and -3 counts turn to 5- and even 7-counts. The audience feels their sweat and is hypnotised by their concentration.

A Football Waltz is a choreographic model, which I am attempting to develop, which can be taken to football clubs around the world and undertaken equally as a form of training as for its performance outcome. The choreography bases itself on 'fast-feet ladder training' or 'agility ladders' (see support video) commonly used by elite sports teams. Fast feet ladders - which involve the players undertaking a series of steps, usually in a -2, -3 or -4 count - bear an interesting semblance to old folk dances in their continuous repetition of a pattern. It will be developed through a series of residencies, in which the choreography is tested with different football teams. The residencies will increase incrementally in time and intensity with the aim at arriving at the full-length performance with the fifth residency.

A Football Waltz is a paradox. It is minimalist, yet the amount of energy, sweat, concentration and testosterone on stage will be significant. It is a dance yet it is a training session. It is art but equally sport.

Research Excerpts 2014

19 - 25 May 2014 - Research & Development - wp Zimmer, Antwerp
25 Sep - 8 Oct - Research Residency #1 - Tanzhaus Zuerich

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